Participants complete a battery of questionnaires drawn from validated scales or indices that provide patient-reported outcomes of: (1) health history and status; (2) social and demographic factors; (3) health behaviors; (4) psychosocial functioning; and (5) psychosexual health.

Health outcomes and status include medical service utilization, medication use, current and past health problems, reproductive status, and pregnancies, as well as evaluation of attention deficit, pain, and quality of life.

Social and demographic factors include marital status, living arrangements, academic achievement, employment status, insurance access, income, and financial hardship.

Health behaviors include tobacco use, alcohol intake, illicit substance use, physical activity, sedentary behavior, sun exposure behaviors, participation in health screening, use of complementary and alternative medicine and dieting behavior.

Dietary intake is assessed using a food frequency methodology.

Psychosocial constructs include health perceptions, motivation for behavior change, body image/weight concerns, perceived stress, cancer impact, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and somatization.

Psychosexual outcomes include fertility, onset of puberty, sexual development, relationship/marital satisfaction, and sexual health/functioning. Male participants are also asked about history of testosterone therapy, sperm banking, and erectile dysfunction.

In addition, a measure of social desirability is administered to assess potential response bias.

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