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By taking part in St. Jude LIFE, you help researchers learn more about the health of childhood cancer survivors. Current St. Jude LIFE participants received treatment at St. Jude between 1962–2012 and selected groups after 2012. The study also has a control group of adults who did not have childhood cancer.

  • St. Jude LIFE Evaluation

    The St. Jude LIFE evaluation is a central part of the St. Jude LIFE study. It helps childhood cancer survivors and provides insight about your own health.

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  • Evaluation Checklist

    It is important to be prepared for your St. Jude LIFE visit. Use this checklist to help you prepare.

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  • St. Jude LIFE Visit FAQ

    St. Jude LIFE is a study to learn more about the late effects of childhood cancer treatment. Learn more by reading FAQ about the study.

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  • Study Updates

    Here are some recent findings from the St. Jude LIFE study about the health of adult survivors of childhood cancer.

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  • Update Your Information

    If your St. Jude LIFE study information has changed since we last contacted you, please enter your new information in this secure form.

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  • LIFEline Newsletter

    View newsletters from the St. Jude LIFE study to keep up to date on the study's findings and progress.

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Survivorship Resources

Pediatric cancer survivors, including teens and young adults, face unique challenges as they navigate life transitions and health concerns.