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Investigator Resources

Below are some useful resources for investigators, such as information about ancillary studies, core infrastructure activities, data sharing, grants, publications and questionnaries.

About the Study

  • Organizational Structure

    The steering committee and working groups for St. Jude LIFE promote ingenuity, foster collaboration, and provide oversight. Learn more about this structure and process.

  • Study Design

    The St. Jude LIFE study includes retrospective analysis, prospective annual clinical assessments, and questionnaires. Review the study design and research methods.

  • Study Timeline

    Activated in 2007, view key milestones in the St. Jude LIFE study over the past 10+ years, including recruitment and on-site follow-up.

  • Study Population

    Get the demographics, characteristics, recruitment status, pediatric cancer types, and monthly breakdown for enrollment for St. Jude LIFE and CCSS cohorts.

  • Core Infrastructure Activities

    Multiple areas of support, from internal research groups to external resources and collaborators, make St. Jude LIFE possible. Find out more about this infrastructure.

  • Grants

    Find a full listing of all funded grant applications, principle investigators, funding agencies, and awarded amounts for St. Jude LIFE, including applications submitted.

  • Ancillary Studies

    Learn about ancillary studies on the St. Jude LIFE Study.

Study Data

  • Biological Sample Collection

    View the type and volume of specific blood and urine specimens collected from St. Jude LIFE study participants.

  • Core Battery Assessment

    View the assessments given during on-campus visits for St. Jude LIFE and After Completion of Therapy participants.

  • Questionnaires

    Access questionnaires used to evaluate St. Jude LIFE study participants' health, social and demographic factors, psychosocial functioning and psychosexual health.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing

    Learn about germline genetics for the St. Jude LIFE cohort, including SNP genotyping, whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing and primary data analysis.

  • Data Sharing

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital freely shares data with other researchers for the development of childhood cancer treatments and its long-term effects.