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St. Jude LIFE Visit FAQ

What should I do if I cannot be at the scheduled appointments?

Contact a St. Jude LIFE visit coordinator as soon as you know you cannot be at the appointment. 

St. Jude LIFE: 1-800-775-2167

St. Jude LIFE visit coordinator:

Schedule or cancel appointments:

Can I eat breakfast before my lab tests?

Do not eat or drink anything besides water after 12 a.m. (midnight) the day of your lab tests. It is OK to drink water. Please take any necessary medicines with water.

How and when will I get my compensation check for completing the study?

You should get your check in 6–8 weeks after your visit.

How will I get my test results?

Test results will be in your My Chart app. The St. Jude LIFE team will discuss the results with you. Several weeks later you will get a packet in the mail with all your test results. 

Where will I eat? Does St. Jude pay for meals?

You will eat meals at Kay Kafe or The Domino’s Village. Give your medical record number to the cashier. St. Jude will cover the cost.

Where will I stay while I am at St. Jude?

You will either stay in a local hotel room or in one of the St. Jude housing locations if there is room.

Does St. Jude pay travel costs for people who travel with me?

St. Jude will pay the travel costs of 1 companion if we require their presence. St. Jude LIFE participants who are younger than 18 must have an adult with them. In some cases, participants older than 18 may require an adult companion for medical or legal reasons. If so, St. Jude will cover their travel costs.

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