After informed consent is obtained, samples of blood and urine are collected for storage and future utilization for research investigations through an IRB-approved tissue banking protocol. The table summarizes the type and volume of specific specimen collection.

Assessment SJLIFE participants ACT/SJLIFE SJLIFE blood controls
Sample volume 40 ml 10 ml 22 ml
Heparin 36 ml (6ml x 6) 6 ml (6ml x 1) 18 ml (6ml x 3)
Red top 4 ml (4ml x 1) 4 ml (4ml x 1) 4 ml (4ml x 1)
White blood cells 5 aliquots 1 aliquot 3 aliquots
Plasma 4 aliquots 1-2 aliquots 1-2 aliquots
Serum 1-2 aliquots 1-2 aliquots 1-2 aliquots
Urine 4 vials 4 vials 4 vials

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