The organizational leadership of SJLIFE centers around the activities of the Steering Committee comprised of the Co-Principal Investigators and chairs of the SJLIFE Working Groups. The SJLIFE Working Groups provide a forum for investigators to discuss new research ideas, as well as develop and design research proposals, grants, and protocols. The principal investigators meet individually and with the Working Groups of SJLIFE to discuss activities relating to the SJLIFE cohort.

Regularly scheduled meetings include: (a) weekly meeting with the Clinical Research Support and Study Coordinating teams; (b) weekly SJLIFE clinical rounds; (c) weekly meetings of the Cancer Center’s Cancer Control and Survivorship Investigators – where all SJLIFE-related research is presented and discussed relative to the research question and scientific merit, multi-disciplinary opportunities, feasibility, overlap, resource requirements, and timeline; (d) semi-monthly meetings to discuss SJLIFE statistical analyses; and (e) semi-monthly meetings of the seven SJLIFE Working Groups. In addition, the entire SJLIFE clinical and research team meet annually for the purpose of reviewing progress and strategic planning.

St. Jude Lifetime Cohort diagram

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    The St. Jude LIFE study includes retrospective analysis, prospective annual clinical assessments, and questionnaires. Review the study design and research methods.

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    Activated in 2007, view key milestones in the St. Jude LIFE study over the past 10+ years, including recruitment and on-site follow-up.

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    Multiple areas of support, from internal research groups to external resources and collaborators, make St. Jude LIFE possible. Find out more about this infrastructure.

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    Find a full listing of all funded grant applications, principle investigators, funding agencies, and awarded amounts for St. Jude LIFE, including applications submitted.

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    Learn about concept and ancillary studies on the St. Jude LIFE Study.

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